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Missing the HR Boat of Social Media Content

When I was about 22, I earned an Employee of the Month award. As I recall, I received a certificate, a lapel pin, and a photo op with the president of the company. I mailed the photo to my parents who lived a couple hundred miles away. It was a Polaroid photo, not a tintype.

Fast-forward X years. I walk through hallways of client sites and I see really nicely engraved plaques and framed photos of employees who have achieved various awards for tenure or ‘service above and beyond’ and I wonder: “Why is there no album on their Facebook page filled with these smiling faces?”

What about that group of new hires in orientation? Right after you train them about your social media policy (hint, hint), how about a cheerful group photo for your Facebook page? This is a great way to welcome them to your organization and introduce them to your online community. You know what else this does? It helps make your organization human out there in the digital world.

I understand that some people don’t like to be photographed. I also understand that some people don’t like Facebook (eek!). So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying participation should be compulsory. But have you had a conversation with your HR director about sharing some of the accomplishments of your greatest asset…your people? Might this be an easy way to invite employees to be engaged and interested?

Research has shown us that consumers are out there using social media as part of their decision making process for services and purchases. In fact, half of consumers combine search and social media for this purpose.  Give them a look at the friendly, helpful people who might be assisting them the next time they walk through your doors.

Not a skilled photographer? Here are some useful tips from Ragan. My favorite is the “execution at dawn.”

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  1. I love the idea of collaborating with HR to create an “on ramp” to social media for new employees. Leveraging the age-old excitement of starting a new job – a brief, but memorable and potentially powerful moment in time – through a 21st century vehicle like Facebook is the perfect combination.


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